Hair Glue & Pasting System

In this technique we use different kind of gum & tape adhesive, which is absolutely safe & skin friendly. In order to use this method we use the most sophisticated hair system, We have to shave of your head to show up the reflection of scalp that appears to grow right from your scalp, our glue technique is ideal for men & women who have chronic hair loss or scanty hair loss where alternative treatments are not as effective anymore. A unique technique for natural look, however resetting is required every three to four weeks depending upon the quantity and pH of the sweat through the scalp and weather conditions.

Hair weaving is a fixed procedure & you can't remove the patch as in case of hair bonding.

After the hair weaving , you can treat like your own hair & you can do all your daily activities like taking bath, swimming, gym driving , playing games etc.

There is no side effect its external wear only. It looks natural and easy to maintain, it can be oiled shampooed and combed like natural hair.


Extraordinary Hair Systems:

Paris Beauty Clinics has put a lot of research and technology into their hair unit systems, so they will time and again give the most natural and undetectable look possible. Our Custom fitting hair piece is carved out of a variety of hair units so that it fits to size, shape and contour of your head for a flawless fitting hair system.

Reliable Hair Replacement Service:

We have been in the market for the longest time. With the most satisfied users as our patrons and the best people in the business as our staff, we ensure you the life and beauty of your unit with our impeccable service, designed to ensure you look good- Always.