Hair Weaving in Karnal

Bonding or Hair Weaving in Kernal is a strategy that is utilized when a adhesive is connected to the track of the Extension. That track is then set on the hair roughly 1/8" from the base of the scalp. A blow icy or warm blow dryer is utilized to speed the drying procedure of the glue, until the point that the glue has dried. Once the adhesive has dried, another Extension or track can be connected.

Benefits: Weaving hair Extensions are for haircuts enduring up to 3 weeks. The Bond can be expelled by applying hair oil to the scalp where the adhesive is and gradually pull the Extension from the hair.

Why Chose Hair Weaving Kernal

The plaited track technique for Hair Weaving in Kernal is the most ordinarily utilized strategy to apply hair Extensions. The interlaced strategy can be utilized to apply singular Extensions and Full Weaves. Once the twist has been made, the Extension can be sewn onto the twist to make the Extension (track). Do this more than once and you have made for the customer hair that is thicker or potentially more full. The hair would then be able to be trimmed and styled as craved.

Hair Weaving in Karnal Hair Weaving in Karnal Hair Weaving in Karnal